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Tovey reveals tour ambition

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Jason Tovey is playing his way into another early Welsh call-up this summer as he continues to turn in consistently strong performances for Newport Gwent Dragons.  I chased him down to examine all things tour ahead of a decisive South East Wales derby at Rodney Parade.

Tovey set to add a further two points to his Magners League tally of 133.

Me:  What has been your favourite tour destination in past experiences and why? 

JT:  It would have to be Dubai.  It’s just an incredible place and with the international 7’s series out there in 2008 it was one hell of an experience, especially playing in front of 55,000 people.

Me:  Having toured across the globe numerous times what are your fondest memories?

JT:  All professional tours are great, but Risca under 16’s tour to Canada and America was packed with memories, most notably white water rafting down the rapids.

Me:  Finally when and where is your next planned tour?

JT:   Nothing is certain anymore, but hopefully a spot in the Welsh squad to New Zealand in the summer if I can perform well till then.



Rocking all over the world

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Most tour songs revolve around our need to show patriotism on foreign soil such as our homeland anthems and national iconic singers.  But the selection of such fine tuned lyrics is more imperative than you think, whether created prior to tour or during.

For years sports teams have travelled across the globe bellowing out their native twang embroiling the local environment with a slight nervous avoidance.  We may doubt the effect these very words and meanings may have, but rest assured they will stay and will be remembered by the inhabitants of your touring vicinity.

However these memories won’t just lie with the destination’s residents, in fact they will stain your inner soul and be retained decades after your journey to bring you the sheer joyful memories of yester year. 

In my past experiences songs are the very salvation used to raise spirits in camp after being sapped of energy and motivation by the final day, whilst also adding a comical twist to perk even the drowsiest of tourists.

I have added a few video’s below for you to sample, but please add your own memories whether they were shared with me, such as the Brennaman song with Bassaleg CS, On the South Side from the Staffs rafters, Men of Harlech at the Dragons or your very own rugby song from home!

Twin Tours open another world

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Newby and Froggy enjoying another twin centre tour.

Twin centre tours have rocketed in popularity this season and are set to pave the way forward for sports clubs in the future.

Many groups may not have even considered two destinations in one package, but with prices retreating and choices increasing it’s hard to resist selecting the new approach the sports travel.

This innovative touring idea enables you, the tourist, to capitalize on the benefits and culture of two countries within one extra special tour.  The options are limitless from Anglesey and Dublin to Australia and New Zealand providing you with the maximum thrill if you can take the added distance.

Personally I have sampled two twin tours in Helsinki and Tallinn (unfortunately it was more of a glancing view of the Finnish capital having missed our plane) and most recently Dusseldorf and Leuven.  Both were extremely successful and I wouldn’t hesitate on joining another twin tour, having already laid plans into a Spanish-Moroccan affair in the summer.     

Fundraising your way to freedom

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Fundraising could save you that vital amount of money to purchase a greater tour or that extra item of stash to your wardrobe.  Therefore it is imperative you organise money-making events prior to your tour in an attempt to raise the quality of the tour you deliver.

The financially astute amongst you may decide to copy my plans in finding tour sponsors, but in an ever-changing financial climate the struggle to gather investors may be a tough challenge.  With this is mind I will run you through my top 10 ideas for fundraising your ultimate sporting journey.

A player auction can provide strong finacial rewards.

  1. Player Auction – If you regard the last idea as brave, then some may distinguish this concept as stupid.  But I guarantee it’s a sure money earner and will ensure a quality night’s entertainment for the paying punters, whilst increasing camaraderie amongst your team.
  2. Calendar – This one is for the brave.  A team calendar may seem a little to inventive, but if you can find the right shots mixed in with good humour and the odd buttock your onto a success.
  3. Rugby Tournament – This fundraising suggestion takes a lot of organisation, but reaps many benefits such as a large financial boost, club recognition and team spirit.  Providing you attract enough teams this proposal is a definite winner.
  4. Club Raffle – This will provide your team with a chance to increase funds in an enjoyable method, whilst giving the buyers a possible gain.  Clubs jerseys and kit are often good prizes and the obvious routing of the club bar for a bottle of wine or two.
  5. Bucket Collecting – A particular favourite of mine as it normally entitles you to watch a free professional game as well.  Minimal effort, providing you target the crowd early as they pour into the stadium, pestering them for copious amounts of loose change.
  6. Leg Waxing – This one is for the rugby players and normally the girls who want to put you through this desired pain.  Has the potential to hoist the club jackpot if you are able to work hard on the sponsorship front.
  7. Car Wash – Another conventional preference for clubs is to don their wet-suits on a hot summer’s day and serve the community with one of the worst valets their car will ever receive.  However at a cheap price this event also raises useful money and engages you in the public sphere.

    Providing you spend time air-brushing a calendar is a great way of earning extra cash as well as increasing team banter.

  8. Bag Packing – A traditional favourites for sports teams looking to raise funds in the local area.  Most supermarkets accommodate the idea instantly, however be aware it requires a long day, commitment and maybe not value for money.   
  9. Quiz – It may seem a little monotonous to organise, but it provides a fun night out for all at an affordable price, whilst leaving the benefits in your pockets.
  10. Half marathon – This is a very daunting task I admit, however I noticeably plunged for a half rather than full marathon.  It is a great way to raise funds with friends and family supporting you, also the added benefits of fitness ahead of the unhealthiest time of your life on tour.

Tour Stash

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If you share my opinion stash firmly makes a tour, but taste is essential and the wrong choice could leave your players looking like drowned baboons with horrendous hangovers dropping off their dizzy faces.

Every sportsman loves receiving their next item of stash and your tour jersey is no less precious as it holds hundreds of memories.  The financially stable clubs amongst you must invest in polo shirts to clearly distinguish yourselves alongside the locals.  This may sound a ridiculous reasoning but believe me, by the second day your eyesight maybe severely clouded by the intake of pure alcohol.

Your tour kit is imperatively to be worn at all times and serves the immediate purpose to let the surrounding inhabitants know who you are, therefore don’t hold back on controversial factor.  Be proud to stand out, you will most likely only be there for a maximum of five days so don’t be a shrinking violet excel yourselves to become the next Stade Francais of amateur tourists.

There are many sports companies on offer these days with some flinging in an out of ownership and administration quicker than the England managerial team, so be sure not to make any rash decisions with a fledgling businesses looking for a quick buck.  Samurai Sportswear are specialists in this area and you’ll be hard driven to beat them on quality, whilst PSM sportswear (Nike) provide great service at an affordable price.

Take time to browse through the gallery below and don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here at ‘YOUR TOUR’ for advice, we may be able to find you your dream tour stash at a cheaper price! 

Hook ambitious for NZ tour

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Hook training in his first World Cup tour with Wales in 2007

James Hook believes Wales have had the perfect eye-opening ahead of their daunting summer tour to New Zealand following a mixed bag of performances in the Six Nations, where the Ospreys man has sealed the number 13 jersey.

 Hook grabbed a brace on national duty in the final game of the championship against Italy, where they triumphed 33-10 and remains in positive spirits ahead of his toughest touring experience.

Wales’ will now face world champions South Africa on June 5 at the Millenium Stadium before Warren Gatland returns to his native homeland with his Welsh squad for a two-test tour.

Despite finishing fourth in the 2010 championship, British Lions utility back Hook seemed confident of future success against the best teams in the world, “we have great confidence going into the summer tour in New Zealand after the previous victory,” said the 24-year-old, who was winning his 42nd cap against the Azurri.

“We know we have a lot to work on but we have beaten quality opposition and can build on this.

“It is nice to have South Africa first up and we hope to get a result here before a massive tour to New Zealand.

“We have had a disappointing Six Nations campaign but the games in the summer are all massive. We want to give the players, coaches and supporters what they deserve. We are looking forward to it.”

The Welsh star insists the under-fire Wales squad will firmly stick together as they prepare for the 2011 World Cup and there is no better way to bond as a team than on tour.


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A natural choice for those clubs looking for the best rounded tour is the industrial and media centre of Hamburg.  Germany’s second largest city favours the adult culture in its attempt to rival Amsterdam for the European capital of late night entertainment.  One of the area’s central locations is the Reeperbahn, a boulevard intersected by side streets lined with clubs, bars and I’ll leave the other attractions to your imagination.

The city is home to over 1.8 million people with a large British population present, partly due to the Armed Forces holding their largest European base on the outskirts of the historic military state.  It has often been noted for its multi-national inhabitancy and ability to cater for tourists at a reasonable price.

More importantly the local beer is sublime, with German lagers aplenty before you attempt to venture into the thrilling non-stop party borough.  Cobble led streets will lead you to the notorious red-light district of St. Pauli and be sure not to stagger past the Kaiserkeller and Indra Clubs which played host to the Beatles back in the 60’s.

The beloved Scousers were massive fans of Hamburg, especially John Lennon who was famously quoted, saying; “I was born in Liverpool but I grew up in Hamburg,” after spending time on tour in Germany. 

Hamburg offers you the lot in touring fantasies, whilst providing you with an entertaining lively clubbing scene at night, alongside the relaxation of the luxurious harbour promenade in the day – a destination not to be missed.


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The gateway to Ireland sits on the most south westerly edge of Wales in an idyllic area suited for sight-seeing and holiday making.  But don’t let this fool you, Pembrokeshire maybe your perfect touring destination. 

With a seemingly average number of five ale houses to each quaint village a spot of pub golf is a great way to tee off your tour.  If you manage to sink all the Brain’s bitter in Wales why not take an excursion to the Emerald Isle with a cheap ferry over from the docks to sample a Guinness or two. 

After drowning your sorrows (after a probable loss to the local side that see English counterparts as a death rematch on a rugby field), why not trek down to the sandy beaches for a relaxed afternoon soaking in the only sunny peninsula of Wales.

If its location you’re after you’ll be hard pushed to beat Pembrokeshire with the small town of Tenby, Saundersfoot offering plenty of entertainment for everyone – including a hectic night scene for tourists.  

Pembroke represents the ultimate adventure tour with outward bound centres scattered across the mountainous county down to the low reaches of Haverfordwest for an action packed visit.  A team bonding session is ensured for whichever club dears to enterprise into deepest Wales.

Front sticky

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